UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58

UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

VZ.58 vz2008 variant build being offered on Armslist

VZ.58 Tactical Rifle - upgraded for sale. 2015 model, modified to be a reliable go-to gun.

See Armslist web site for additional description and info.   This rifle is currently listed on consignment at a local FFL gun shop: Black Boar Armory and Coatings.  They will do the FFL transfer with your FFL as per applicable laws.   If you are an Ohio resident and have a CCW license I will consider a direct property transfer depending on logistics. Rifle is in NE Ohio.

Both the Zendl bolt release and mag release are installed on the rifle.

90% blueing is off on the Slovak muzzle brake just in from of sight block...  (was formerly pinned on Czech short barrel )

Receiver Teflon based coating from CAI is all original.

Bayonet mount intact and Czech bayonet included.  T-type sling mount included.
Polymer handgaurd and gas tube cover can be replaced with original Czech Vz.58 poly-wood-chip"beaver-barf" furniture if desired.

CSA M4 tube adater, tube and Magpul M4 style stock can be traded out for $$ credit and original para-folder metal wire stock, or CSA polymer Rifle stock.  Black grip from Ohio Ordnance Works -- it dimensionally appears to be a black coated original Czech grip, but this was not confirmed.

Less than 100 rounds fired during gunsmith work and testing.  Normal peening just starting on receiver internal rails and carrier:

Carrier is welded with Push-down-plate a.k.a. TAB, shown here on carrier:

Chromed piston (Czeck milsurp) included.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

MARCOLMAR Firearms UK Vz.59 Semi-auto Machine Gun