UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58

UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58
Contact: E-MAIL: ; VOICE MAIL: (234) 738-3674

Parts and Accessories

Private Collection Items for SALE

Contact: vz58vz59 (at)
Phone message: (234) 738-3674

Contact me at the email or phone number listed above to discuss any offers or trades you may have in mind.

I am looking for a UK-59 heavy barrel. 

I am a trusted seller -- buy with confidence.  I list items on Gunbroker and Armslist or I will sell directly.  Here is a picture of some of the items listed below:

Scope (optics) for UK59 (Used - excellent) with reticle illumination $795

Scope for UK59 (Used - Excellent) WITHOUT reticle illumination $679 (US only)

UK59 Tripod NOS-Excellent Condition with Military Open Wood Crate (see example picture above) - Shipped with Crate Boxed-up in Cardboard. $1150+Ship (US Only)

Complete Accessory Kit For UK59 - $1900+Ship (US Only)

Belt Loader for UK59 (Used and NOS) - as listed or offer. $289+ship (US only)

Small UK59 Spare parts:  

(Contact me at the email or number listed below)
Firing Pins
Extractor sets with Plunger and Spring
Other small parts

Butt-stock without Springs
Carrier NOS

Czech Paratroopers Case for UK59 (NOS) - $75+ship (US Only)

Czech Barrel Bags for UK59 (NOS) $65+ship (US Only)

Czech Canvas/Leather Sling for UK59 (NOS) $20+ship (US Only) Can be utilized with UK59 barrel bags, UK59 tripod, or the UK59 rifle itself.

Gunner Rolls (NOS) complete (cleaning kit, multi-tool, punches,etc.) without spare parts $55+ship (US Only)

Gunner Rolls (NOS) complete as above also including all spare gun parts $129+ship (US Only)


Russian 54R Factory 188 Silver Tip Crate (Check Price) Shipping and Handling Add $55 (US Legal States ONLY)

email: vz58vz59 (at)   

Phone messages: (234) 738-3674 

These are items in my private collection. I am also culling out a number of other items including rifles, (including a new modified Sa. VZ.58 model built on CAI receiver and Green Mountain barrel that slug out at .308), and a bunch of AKM related items.  I may be at some local NE Ohio C&R shows this fall, perhaps Niles.  

Don't ask me to sell something that is not lawful in your State, I won't even consider it. Any transfers of my private property to another state must be within that States laws, and all firearms must BE TRANSFERRED VIA  LICENSED FFLs unless you are an Ohio resident and the exchange is face-to-face.

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