UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58

UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Loader Review by Kyle


I just got my belt loader and was trying it out. I thought I would give you my first thoughts. And I do have a few things you might want to report. Unfortunately I have to one thing to warn against. Do not put the combined links through it. only the uncombined. Other wise it will snap the combining tabs right off :( so now I can only make a 200 round belt instead of the full 250 and there is no place for the starter tab to go now. So it will break the links.

Also, if they are not standard size and already slightly compressed it will bend them. 

However it do make loading easier. It would be advantageous if you had someone to toss them in straight one at a time (like most YouTube videos show). However until the belts are broken it I don't think it is a good idea to use the loader. Still a valuable collector piece that I will be keeping. It is just risky it seems.

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Kyle recently told me about a major find, IMO.  A heavy barrel for his UK59.  MCM fitted it (head spaced) with the receiver for about $175.  Kyle also sent this pic of a UK59:

Monday, June 16, 2014

UK59 Accessory Package- Parts Kit and Rifle Scope w/ signal Unit and reticle Illuminator

Parts Kit and Sight Package - Belt Loaders, Optics, field kits and spare parts are still available.
  • Never Issued Gunners Parts Kit with Firing Pins Extractors, etc... (New old Stock)
  • UK59 1963 Optics Day/Night Sight with Yellow lens filter Flash hider and Rubber eye piece, includes case and original cleaning brush.
  • UK59 Reticle illumination and multi-color signal device 
  • Sling
  • Barrel Racine Glove
  • UK-59 History Book (in Czech)

Signal device / reticle illumination:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

7.62x54R Tins and Crates for Sale

54R Factory 188 Russian Surplus

Sealed Crates or tins of Russian Silver Tipped 54R Surplus

Russian Surplus 7.62x54R light ball Silver Tip 147gr - 440 rounds STEEL CORE. Vintage 60s -70s. Copper washed steel case, STEEL CORE bullet, with long-life corrosive berdan primers. They will attract a magnet.

I have shot these reliably in rifles including Mosin, SVT-40, VEPR 54R, PSL, UK59 Light Machine Gun.

NE Ohio pickup. Shipping at UPS actual cost + $10 to Lower US (No ship to NY, CA, or other restricted states).


7.62x54R Russian Surplus 147gr Silver Tip 440 tin crate ( Chambered for 54R : Mosin, SVT-40, PSL, Tiger, Dragunov, VEPR, UK59, PKM )

Ohio - Geauga Lake Mentor Chardon Concord Chesterland Cleveland Painesville Middlefield Kirtland Thompson Ashtabula Solon Bainbridge Burton Newbury Erie Medina Strongsville Akron


UK59 Gunner Kits for Sale

Typical parts included (see photos):
- Spare parts (various) -
minimum WILL include spare extractor, spare firing pin with spring and may include other springs, pins, etc.
- UK59 Mulit-tool
- 3 punch set
- Cleaning rod set with jag and brush
- Chamber / gas port brush
- Oil can

Condition of kit and complete parts contents may vary.

Photo below s an example Gunner Kit, other kits will vary in condition, color, and completeness.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VZ.58 SBR Build - Update

As the long wait for the ATF approval begins for the SBR (Firearm Manufacturer Registration Tax Stamp), and the Suppressor (Transfer Registration Tax Stamp), there are a few items that can be added to the carbine now (rails, muzzle attachments) and some final decisions to be made (optics options, butstock options).

The back-plate weld can NOT be removed and the stock can't be added yet (unless orange is a good color for you - for about the next 15 years), but we can pretend!

CSA Optic mount side rail added.  Since the CSA VZ.58 receiver already comes drilled and tapped, it's easy peasey to remove the two plugs, de-grease the holes and lock-tight the rail in place.

(Overpriced - "only-200-made"...) Czech Special Forces two-piece muzzle break was acquired and is shown here added to the carbine. Only the best muzzle climb reduction available for this carbine.  (Supposedly 80% reduction in climb and 60% reduction in recoil.)

Midwest Industries optic mount with a Vortex red dot was off borrowed off an AKM-47 (optic rails are the same), and is a definite NO GO option (without an added deflector), as it slants way forward over the receiver and shells will eject directly up into the mount and the optic. 

Here is the CSA high optic mount shown mounted to the rail -- a definite mounting option, depending on the operation at hand and the type of stock installed.  Shown below with a Trijicon TAG13a ACOG optic w/QD, specifically designed for the 7.62x39 bullet trajectory.   A CSA low optic mount, which would cover up the use of the iron sights, could also be utilized, esp. with a red dot sight and a low "jaw-weld" standard folding metal stock option.  The Fab Defense stock was borrowed off another rifle to see what it would look like set behind the carbine. They are not connected in any manner (no orange jump suit for me please).

The Trijicon 3X ACOG optic looks good on the carbine (albeit a bit high), however will the 7.62x39  bullet drop of the ACOG reticle still be correct with the short barrel carbine?  OK, who am I kidding? They don't call me "Pray-and-spray" for nothing.  

With the high optic mount, the iron sights would still be available for use underneath, regardless of the optic type.  This would be a good option for close combat iron sight back up.  (Other than the battle proven ACOG, which has a horseshoe reticle that is lit up by natural light and tritium, a typical red dot or other battery powered optic on the mount could always fail).  Having said that the mount on the rail itself is quick disconnect too. 

Below is the future SBR Carbine with mock-up stock which is shown behind the receiver about the correct distance as if it was attached to a tube or folder joint.  Shown here next to another legal length VZ.58 rifle. The VZ.58 rifle is an OOW with a pinned/welded Czech style flash hider (which is required to be "permanently" attached within the US) making the rifle barrel length about 17" long.  

Both stocks being equal (folding or not), we are only talking about 5" difference in the possible total length. I'm going through a lot of BS and a paying a $200 tax stamp for a difference of just under 5" in length.   (That's an 11.81" Carbine barrel measured w/o any muzzle attachment vs. 17ish" barrel which includes the pinned and welded Czech style flash hider on the rifle.  I really lub the guberment rules.  /sarc.

The Kestrel 7.62 AK suppressor will add 6.5" replacing the Czech Special Forces flash hider on the Carbine when in use -- for a total barrel length of about 17.3" inches when operating in a suppressed configuration.  This would make the total length of the Carbine around 28" with a standard stock folded and add another 8.27" with the standard folding stock extended for about 36" total length.  (If all my math calcs are correct.)

Nobody stopped me yet, so I continue to build.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

UK59 SIGHT #2 - 4x8 1963 A435 yal

UK59 SIGHT # 2 - 4x8 1963 A435 yal  (good to excellent)

Included with the Ultimate Accessory Package. Listed on Gunbroker as:  UK59 VZ-59 Ultimate Accessories Package


Could have scratches, marks, dents, paint pealing, rust, etc., but functions as designed.

  • Sight tube and attached mount
  • Rubber Eye Piece
  • Yellow Lens Filter
  • Lens flash hider
  • Cleaning brush and cloth
  • Carry bag 

Contact:  e-mail: ; Voice mail:(234) 738-3674

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

VZ.58 Original Machine Gun Bi-Pod Proposed GROUP BUY on CZFirearms

VZ58 Bipod Group Buy - CLOSED

If you have an interest please just reply in this thread (HERE) your interest and quantity, and I'll PM you closer to for payment, etc, instructions (need to figure out what's easiest, probably USPS money orders) or possibly PayPal if that's the only way you can afford to pay.
Payment wouldn't be due until I have the bipods in hand.  Working with an American based but Eastern Europe specializing weapon/military importer at cutthroat rates, so this is about the best deal you'll be able to find. 

If less than 50 bipods are ordered, cost would be approximately $100 delivered