UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58

UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Vz.58 variant for Sale - Price negotiable

All-black polymer Vz.58P      $769    SOLD
Para folder in military furniture Vz.58V   $669    SOLD

Why are these being sold?  Good question.  I dont really want to, but I bought an overly expensive reproduction firearm that decimated my bucket list and now tough choices have to be made. 

Here we have several Samopal Vzor 58 variants for sale.  Each of these started as vz2008 rifles with  the CAI receiver and Green Mountain barrel that were coated in a Teflon based coating.

The Green Mountain barrel is legal length (16.25"), allowing the muzzle to be removable/swappable in the US.   (Czech barrels require the muzzle brake or extender to be permanently attached due to NFA SBR legal limits, according to the ATF.)  The barrel slugs out at .308 which should contribute to accuracy and it is not chrome lined. Muzzle threads are standard Czech spec - 14RH (the opposite of an AKM which is 14LH).

The US made gas piston was replaced with a chromed NOS Czech military piston.

There is no side rail mount or front top hand guard optic mount unless noted.  Cleaning / tool kit, Swiss cleaning kit, 7.62x39 blank muzzle adapter, 2 aluminum mags, Rifle scabbard, all included.

I can add a Czech (Zendl) Tactical Bolt Release (TBR) and Tactical Magazine Release (TMR) for an additional $150 over the full asking price.

Work performed on these rifles:
First the rifles needed to be carefully inspected as CAI quality control and builds were often less than acceptable and the FCG design may eventually fail after break in without welding the PDP on the carrier.  CAI also can not ship rifles with the PDP due to intellectual property rights of Czech Small Arms (CSA) who had sued CAI for patent infringement and won an injunction.  So that as a very minimum should be done. 

What was done:
Inspect all parts and functions.
Test fire and reinspect. 30 rounds
Inspect / replace springs if required. (recoil, striker, gas piston, top HG, sight detent, MR, BR)
Verify head spacing is within tolerance.
Verify rail and carrier elevation and modify bolt and carrier as required for smooth cycling.
  Modify ejector as required (adjust for bolt elevation)
  $50 Modify Bolt as required for smooth cycle.
  Modify extractor if out of tolerance past bolt face.
  $50 Welding (TIG weld) of PDP "tab" on bolt carrier for FCG timing (Gremlin) by Victors
         (does not pass "Bonesteel test", however striker is retained by sear during rapid fire)
  "Nose" carrier to reduce wear and allow smooth cycle
Inspect and verify sear / striker engagement and adjust double leaf spring if required.
Inspect and repair trigger drag (receiver fit - CAI)
Clean out and lube folding metal Para (Vz.58V) stock as required for function.
Check rear receiver stock mount hole alignment for stock (all black rifle only)
Modify / Fit Slovak muzzle brake.
Adjust double-leaf spring tension if trigger pull to light or too heavy
Replace modified CAI disconnector, NOT DONE if FCG functions correctly w/ beveled DC
Test Fire and reinspect. 30-60 rounds
Clean / lube.

Parts R&R or added (all versions):

$25 Remove CAI gas piston and replace with NOS (Czech) chromed piston.
$28/$40 Replace original Czech BB pistol grip with FAB polymer (Israel) or Ronin poly composite (USA) grip
$30 Remove CAI slant brake with Slovak Type 1 Brake (CNC Warrior - USA)
$25 Swiss .30 Cal. Machine Gun Cleaning Kit
$40 UK-59 Barrel Bag -- Doubles as the perfect rifle scabbard for any rifle the size of the vz.58 (fits great in the side of a MARPAT llbe main pack)

On all-blacked (58P) rifles:
$38 New upper hand gaurd metal jacket (piston guide).
$22 / $33 New poly upper and lower guards.
$77 Replace buttstock with new Czech black polymer stock with all hardware (incl. sling mount)

On folder (58V) rifles:
$15 Add US poly cover (buttpad) which protects receiver

922R Compliance
Czech parts listed unless otherwise noted. (10 imported parts allowed):
Bolt carrier
Gas piston
Magazine body
Mag follower
Mag bottom cover 
Handgaurds / forearm
Pistol Grip  (Israel FAB Defense)
Pistol Grip (US  -1 IF Ronin USA)
Muzzle Device (US -1 CNC Warrior Slovak Type 1)
Sear double wide (US -1 CAI)
Disconnector (US -1 CAI)
Barrel (US -1 Green Mountain)
Receiver (US -1 CAI OEM stamped vz2008)


Note that pics of the Vz.58V version (para model with folding stock) can be seen in the next post on this blog.  Of the four rifles to the right in the first picture 2 of those Vz. 58V folders are still remaining for sale.
 photo 82050471-F5E5-4AB8-B0EB-2519BDC38883_zpsa85uvjbi.jpg
 photo 4E015503-A5B2-4497-A241-6C51141088B3_zpsghiv4hyp.jpg
 photo 399B9741-A7B2-4037-8A0A-6C0A1716F30D_zpsrqxw2mfa.jpg

  photo D5B45D3C-8A85-4A79-8384-E9D0DA754FBA_zpspe5pwkmt.jpg photo F6238C91-495A-470D-A2C7-4C66202201F2_zpslfz6uvme.jpg

  photo 4682EF8E-EF13-44F2-A820-D1917269AD40_zpsvyyguk39.jpg

 photo 88258DC7-2272-4B7A-9C84-1F940685D456_zpso3akldt8.jpg
 photo 18EC1747-4D9F-47F5-8D9A-A8F98D4ECA99_zpskpihdzmq.jpg

 photo C1286CFB-B5F0-48EE-B0DB-E2A958108BCC_zpsijigxnlu.jpg

 photo 3514C3E2-4488-4A5C-9F9B-8D27A8FD5F2E_zpsjblwt5zx.jpg

  photo A16A937D-14BD-4716-9770-263AD8B0238B_zpskintpfwa.jpg
 photo 73DC78F3-5468-4BFE-BE32-B7FC8803E94B_zpsezydapok.jpg
 photo C7B13C50-2ACE-414A-928F-6EF59A769B05_zpsmnfuthj6.jpg

  photo C58164DE-36D8-4BA1-B030-17CD5678B2CE_zpsk8odqa2x.jpg

 photo A8773201-145E-4A02-A0E2-587B1527EF2B_zpsa86bceg7.jpg

 photo 60F45F99-CCF0-42AC-BDA3-89B0680C5183_zpsw8njolvo.jpg

 photo 16B34C1F-E6DF-4BC6-AF51-6C4157464329_zpsryefkjhc.jpg

 photo BC654CD2-8F9A-423C-AC73-3809E2247953_zpsgsfxrshs.jpg

 photo 71DD8367-1E64-48EF-9319-252E654C2CA7_zpsq6t1c5al.jpg

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