UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58

UK vz.59 (UK-59) / vz.58
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

VZ.58 vz2008 variant build being offered on Armslist

VZ.58 Tactical Rifle - upgraded for sale. 2015 model, modified to be a reliable go-to gun.

See Armslist web site for additional description and info.   This rifle is currently listed on consignment at a local FFL gun shop: Black Boar Armory and Coatings.  They will do the FFL transfer with your FFL as per applicable laws.   If you are an Ohio resident and have a CCW license I will consider a direct property transfer depending on logistics. Rifle is in NE Ohio.

Both the Zendl bolt release and mag release are installed on the rifle.

90% blueing is off on the Slovak muzzle brake just in from of sight block...  (was formerly pinned on Czech short barrel )

Receiver Teflon based coating from CAI is all original.

Bayonet mount intact and Czech bayonet included.  T-type sling mount included.
Polymer handgaurd and gas tube cover can be replaced with original Czech Vz.58 poly-wood-chip"beaver-barf" furniture if desired.

CSA M4 tube adater, tube and Magpul M4 style stock can be traded out for $$ credit and original para-folder metal wire stock, or CSA polymer Rifle stock.  Black grip from Ohio Ordnance Works -- it dimensionally appears to be a black coated original Czech grip, but this was not confirmed.

Less than 100 rounds fired during gunsmith work and testing.  Normal peening just starting on receiver internal rails and carrier:

Carrier is welded with Push-down-plate a.k.a. TAB, shown here on carrier:

Chromed piston (Czeck milsurp) included.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

One (1) Vz.58P Variant Left for Sale

  SOLD Selling YET one more like this

Samopal Vzor 58 (Machine Gun Model 58 or "Vz.58") rifle variants are typically reliable and accurate rifles.  Chambered for 7.62x39 (M43 soviet) cartridge,  it is unlike an AKM and is a totally different design which many operators consider to be superior in many ways.  There are absolutely no interchangeable parts with an AKM.   See a comparison of AKM to the Vz.58 HERE.  

A few of the distinguishing features are:
  • Striker fired using linear spring, rather than hammer fired. 
  • Bolt uses a locking piece (like a P38) rather than a rotating locking bolt (AK, AR) or tilting bolt (SKS, STG44).
  • Bolt hold-open feature standard (bolt stays open after last round fired and stays open with mag removal)
  • Uses 30 round double-stack lightweight aluminum (non-rusting) mags, all with BHO standard
  • Steel side folding Para (vz58v) stocks and wood-poly ("Beaver barf") furniture are easily interchanged with modern quad rails and tactical stocks.
  • Short-stroke gas system cycles faster than the AKM long-stroke system.
  • Design is lightweight for a milled receiver gun (lighter than a stamped receiver AKM).
  • Muzzle threads are 14RH rather than 14LH (AKM).
For a full list of what has been done (modified and enhanced) to turn this CAI vz.58V Para variant into a reliable shooter click the detailed description here:
What was done to this gun to make it a shooter...

Vz.58v Para Folder (ready to shoot and priced to sell)
 w/ two mags, original removed parts, and accessories as described HERE...

Note the finish on the left side of the receiver is not smooth (see photos below).  This obviously does not effect the operation of the firearm, and appearance is not bad.  If your looking for a safe queen this is not it, go purchase an old D-Technik Vz.58 variant for $2500.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Samopal Vz.58 Variant Collection (Sickness)

Ohio Ordnance Works vz2000
Czech Small Arms Sa. Vz.58 (CzechPoint USA)
CAI (Century) vz2008
 photo B53B7AD2-9595-4168-BBD4-85AC09FD75BB_zpsvktcjnyg.jpg

 photo 07E9F0A9-5E19-4D9A-8E25-535EAAE3BC29_zpsruadaco3.jpg

 photo FB5A1226-F30C-4BC4-8833-2396E7B77D5F_zpsizamnc9l.jpg

 photo CCBB1155-1F67-47A4-8A82-36DE6AB25051_zps1gftbqgb.jpg

 photo 0671E573-C3C1-442A-8E02-E87D127A46E7_zps2l2zmdah.jpg

 photo 7A18BA59-3515-4B35-8E40-718511014E7A_zpsc8e03lcy.jpg

 photo B4752C3D-C20A-4633-A164-70B71349DB17_zps8zoho6ur.jpg

VZ.58 (vz2008) with Magwedge Kwikrail photo D896A692-636D-4C24-8605-ADC2FE64B938_zpspmoffxvz.jpg

 photo 69D0046E-5BAB-40DA-8637-71B4A3164F8C_zpslpscyzvv.jpg
 photo 87A67992-33DD-4633-906A-54D8EC19131F_zpss9m1emdg.jpg

Wet Morning at the Range Sa. Vz.58 photo 0E1D2DBF-BCC0-48D0-91DD-745610310F8F_zpscscdtfbf.jpg

 photo A7BD80AE-4AD9-4CDD-8499-CDBA0FE0A6AD_zpsjxwhpibh.jpg
 photo D62B67C1-D67E-4C40-B9A9-88AEDEFE52D1_zpsnoozgzzs.jpg

 photo 6BBC55CF-E210-4127-B0F9-CE01ADD266B8_zpsgttbshoz.jpg

 photo 9356E31A-C702-4DCF-8C68-0601A9982B9B_zps6ug7zhlv.jpg
 photo 6CB25A88-8D58-4BED-B32C-A610E671B8E0_zpsfiz1uhqy.jpg
 photo 44B8B5F0-6D78-466B-BB43-51C8A419C3C0_zpsuigwlx1q.jpg photo 149D0BFE-93A4-4C4C-91ED-2BE3729EB0FC_zpswsoslwbe.jpgSa. Vz.58 SBR photo 9CC1829B-202F-4D6A-9D1A-DEE602C39FFA_zpstehqntcn.jpg
Sa. Vz.58 SBR photo 1012137A-6CA9-401F-B5E1-C094085852E2_zpsm25ud26p.jpg
Sa. Vz.58 SBR photo 2BDD0BB3-206A-4F59-93D6-56B58588E8A1_zpsre06ixfn.jpg
Sa. Vz.58 SBR photo 978C2630-6FB8-4FF7-BCC0-F85EBE4EE1DE_zpsao6f1miu.jpg
 photo 77ED946D-013B-468C-85F9-67A4B33A8D7E_zpsffpz8fqj.jpg

 photo 1A6DEA37-0E90-411E-AC12-E80784FF66B7_zpslnne2iib.jpg

OOW VZ2000 vz.58 with BON bayonett, Flectarn camo photo 30AB2654-5C71-489C-A6FA-0FFB1A4A4A4D_zpsy8yduldm.jpg photo 2227867B-B8D4-4ED9-BBB4-4B8E48EFED11_zpss2g7u7kn.jpg

 photo 9F4E5397-17CF-4BD6-81C4-505033BFCBD9_zpsm5lbvp1n.jpg

 photo 74F74737-185E-4AAB-B326-E2AEE82E639E_zpsf0wurgu9.jpg

 photo 0A01051D-DDB2-41FC-A6DB-ADF36C4BD38B_zpsnovp8qx7.jpg
 photo AFAF8668-051F-4A16-B250-56E4E23B4366_zps2ifhgcil.jpg